No Spring for You!

Like the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld, this never-ending winter is not going to give us what we want. There will be no Spring for us. It feels that way, anyway.

I mean, it snowed today. In April. This isn’t too unusual for where we live. However, this year it just seems like Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are just piling on for the fun of it.

And we want it to stop. Spring is a great time of year. The smell in the air after a rain shower. The rebirth. The flowers. The birds. There is just so much to love about this time of year.

If it would ever get here!




Yesterday where I live we broke the record for snow on that day in our history. It was a lot of snow in a short amount of time. But, the day after made for some beautiful pictures. When the storm is the worst and it doesn’t seem like it will ever stop, be reassured that the end is near and beauty and hope will be there on the other side.

Be in and of the world

wpid-img_20150203_102555.jpgYou may have heard on the news that there is a named snow storm (#jonas) that is going to hit all up and down the east coast this weekend. Snow storms of this forecasted magnitude, especially for areas that are not traditionally used to getting so much snow at once, can be very dangerous. There can be no doubt about this fact. I am praying that everyone that will be affected by this storm will survive with little or no damage.

However, the impending storm, and the flurries we’ve gotten around my home region today have caused me to really think about the anger we often have toward “Old Man Winter.”

Instead of being upset and cursing the cold, snowy weather, why not pause and breathe it in. Go out and stand in the snowflakes as they fall. Marvel at the simple beauty they present. The cold air is refreshing. Take in the winter smells and noises. If you are able to look out at the trees, examine and revel in how the snow coats the branches and changes the scenery.

In other words, be in and of the world around us. Slow down. Reconnect with the natural part of the world, even for just a few minutes. Relish how nature works, it’s beauty and power. Many people may feel that being a part of this glorious world is depressing because they view themselves as just a cog. Contrary to this view, we are integral to the world around us. We take it in. We share it. We are a part of it and that is something wonderfully positive to think about.