Coming out of the rut

As I write this, it’s sunny outside. It’s one of those days when the sun plays mind games because it is cold. So, you look out the window and think “sun = warmth”. When in reality, you better bundle up when you head out, lest you return a popsicle.

And that is kind of how I’ve been feeling lately. Looking out I see there is so much possibility in the world. And I thank God for that. His work in this world is truly amazing.

And yet, there is just something about all of this that has me in a rut. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s like this nagging feeling that no matter how hard and fast you go at something, how much good work you put in, that there will always be the catch. You’ll never succeed, but will still be running on the wheel.

As a person, I know that there is work I need to do on myself. I realize each day that there is something that I can improve upon. And that is good because it means that I’m still alive and that I still want to grow and learn.

Then you look around and wonder if the dust that we came from – and will one day return to – is just blowing around. In other words, we’re transient.

Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Based solely on the human condition, I can confidently say that there is no permanence. This thought can drag us down. It can also build us up, because if there is no permanent way we should be, then we do not have to settle. We do not have to stay put. We can look at the past, examine it, and learn from it. We can chart a new course.

And that is why despite the cold weather and some of the endless routines of life (I mean, we all have laundry to do, right?) it is important to realize when you’re in a rut and that you will come out of it.

The rut isn’t permanent. It’s life.

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