Positive & Encouraging Change in 2016

2016. What will it hold for us? That is the excitement of the new year. Yet, any day can be a “new” day. Any day can be a transitional and transformational one that sets us down a new road. All we need to do is realize and accept change. For many of us, doing so is difficult. It is for me.

outcome determines outlook

I read this quote yesterday and it really gave me a strong push to move forward with the resolutions I had been mulling over in my head. I’ve written them down and I am making them public.

2016. I am accepting change this year. I am resolving to:

  • Build a stronger relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • Be more positive and encouraging in all aspects of my life
  • Build stronger, more positive relationships with my wife and kids
  • Change my physical appearance by exercising more and eating better, with a goal of weighing 40 pounds less by my 40th birthday
  • Write a book by the time I am 40
  • Tie up any “loose ends” with people who were once a part of my life and now no longer are

What are your resolutions? How have you changed your outlook to change your outcome for 2016? Feel free to answer in the comments and have a happy, safe and blessed New Year!