Spring forward to overcome the impending “Snowpocalypse”

Throughout the country this week, the lead story on most newscasts will be the terrible weather. In fact, if the NFL’s championship game wasn’t being played indoors, it would probably be played on a sheet of ice.

Genesee Bock Beer brand imageWith all of the dreadful snow, sleet, ice, and whatnot that is coming our way, it seems like a perfect time to start thinking about the great spring beers that are out there. One of the best that I’ve tasted in recent years was really a surprise for me, especially since it’s a goat beer.

I’m talking about Genesee Brewing Company’s Bock Beer, which was brought back by popular demand last year. It is out again this year, and we couldn’t be luckier.

So, as the snow starts falling grab a can, kick back, and relax. It’ll be springtime in no time. Cheers!