Reflecting on America as the snow falls

In a recent editorial, a local radio talk show host writes about the inspirational nature of Washington D.C.

He says that “If you can ignore the politicians, Washington is a sacred place to Americans.”

He also says that there are buildings and monuments that, upon reflection, deeply touch his heart and those of many Americans.

But he also says that the best part of D.C. isn’t in the city, but just outside of it in Arlington.

The talk show host, a veteran, is speaking of the awe-inspiring nature of the burial grounds that are Arlington National Cemetery.

Having been there myself and having seen the sheer magnitude of the ultimate sacrifice made by so many men and women for this country, I tend to agree with the radio host. The cemetery is the best part of the city because of what it means to America.

And as the snow has fallen on the city in historic amounts, the radio host says he has thought about that cemetery and the guard stationed around the clock at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

When the elected leaders announced that the for the sake of safety the city would be shuttered, the guard at the tomb stayed on watch. No matter the bite of the cold, or how high of a snow pile amassed, the guard was there.

That is what this radio host says he has been thinking about as the media covers this weather event. He even called his Congressman to confirm that the guard was in fact on duty.

The sentry unceasingly watches over the dead in tribute for what they have sacrificed for all of us. To me, this is extremely symbolic of the founding ideals of this nation. It is a living testimonial in a city of monuments. It is, at its core, what America is all about.

So, as more news of the whopping snowfall D.C. is getting comes in, take a moment to reflect on the soldier that stands guard at the Tomb of the Unknown. That soldier marches for us all.


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