It’s not like they’re running your briefs up the flag pole

I had to do a double take when I read the recent story about U.S. residents fighting for the right to hang clothes on the clothesline. I can’t believe that in this day and age, where so many people are trying to “go green” that there are housing associations that would put the kibosh on people hanging their clothes up outside to dry.

I had no other option but to hang my clothes up on the clothesline to dry when I was in Spain as an exchange student. I’m just lucky that my host parents didn’t live in one of the communities where the “right to hang” is being persecuted.

It is simply ludicrous that there are oversight bodies with this much time on their hands. I have to point it out that no one’s property value will go down because a neighbor hangs their shirts out to dry. It’s a good thing all of these people on the housing committees didn’t live in the time before dryers were invented. 

I’m fully in support of fighting for your right to hang your clothes on the clothesline. It just makes sense. And, as one of the persecuted says:

If my husband has a right to have guns in the house, I have a right to hang laundry.

I guess the communication moral of the story is don’t mess with people’s guns, or their laundry.